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Zombie is an Undead monster in Titan Quest. They are usually located around Ruins, Caves and Graveyards. 

Zombies are very slow. It is worth keeping this in mind when fighting both zombies and other monsters - one can run away, kill the other type of monster, rinse and repeat until there aren't any non-zombie monsters left, then kill the zombies.


Regular Zombie

  • Regular. The weakest zombie variant. Strangely, it appears later in the game than the Festering one. It is just a walking corpse with a glowing blue eyes. Very rarely does it have some armor or a weapon. Recommended resistances: PhysicalResistance.png Physical.

Festering Zombie, roaring at the hero

  • Festering. One of the weakest zombie variants, first encountered in early Greece in the Mycenean Ruins ancient tomb. A yellow-greenish walking corpse with glowing blue eyes that uses slow, weak melee attacks. It may wear armor. Upon death it releases a small poison cloud, dealing damage for a couple of seconds. Never has any assigned type. Recommended resistances: Physical, Poison.png Poison.
  • Noxious. Slow melee fighter with green-coloured skin. Usually equipped with Club, sometimes wears head armor.
  • Putrescent. First encountered in Tsakonian Ruins.
  • Grotesque. Can be found in caves in Orient.


  • Soldier / Veteran Soldier / Elite Soldier. Fallen warriors, reanimated after their death as mindless and sluggish zombies. They have large health pools.
  • Blightcaster. Dangerous mage, throws poison gas bombs.


Jacinto, the Rotten Hyacinth of Thessaly
Leimon the Vengeful
Reshelf, Undying King of Nubia



  • Add Revolting, Noxious zombie variants
  • Revolting Captain zombies emit a poison cloud even though they are regular zombies
  • Zombie Soldiers, Zombie Archers, Grotesque Zombies, Revolting Zombies
  • The Act V Salt Mines are full of zombies (Salt Corpse - Miner / Hauler, Returned Mine Guard, Returned - Guard Captain).