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Zombies are undead-type monsters in Titan Quest. They are usually located around Ruins, Caves and Graveyards. 

Zombies are very slow. Keep this in mind when fighting both zombies and other monsters - you can run away, kill the other type of monster, rinse and repeat until there aren't any non-zombie monsters left, then kill the zombies.

Zombie Variants Edit

  • Regular Zombie

    Regular Zombie

    Regular: The weakest zombie variant. Strangely, it appears later in the game than the Festering one. It is just a walking corpse with a glowing blue eyes. Very rarely does it have some armor or a weapon. Recommended resistances: Physical
  • Festering Zombie

    Festering Zombie, roaring at the hero

    Festering: One of the weakest zombie variants, first encountered in early Greece in the Mycenean Ruins ancient tomb. A yellow-greenish walking corpse with glowing blue eyes that uses slow, weak melee attacks. It may wear armor. Upon death it releases a small poison cloud, dealing damage for a couple of seconds. Never has any assigned type. Recommended resistances: Physical, Poison

Zombie Types Edit

  • Soldier, Veteran Soldier, Elite Soldier: Fallen warriors, reanimated after their death as mindless and sluggish zombies. They have large health pools.

Zombie Heroes Edit

ToDo Edit

  • Add Revolting, Noxious and Putrescent zombie variants
  • Revolting Captain zombies emit a poison cloud even though they are regular zombies
  • Zombie Soldiers, Zombie Archers, Grotesque Zombies, Revolting Zombies
  • The Act V Salt Mines are full of zombies (Salt Corpse - Miner / Hauler, Returned Mine Guard, Returned - Guard Captain).
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