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From left to right, top to bottom: The Yerren Spiritspeaker, War Chief, Tribesman, Archer

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The Yerren are a type of monster encountered in the middle and later Orient (Act III), and in The North (Act V). They are beastmen and look like large neanderthals with red-brown skin, and they also use the same type of 'primate sounds'. Yerren warriors move around very quickly and they can easily overwhelm the player in numbers, especially when accompanied by a hero.

All Yerren have basic resistances to PhysicalResistance.png Physical, PierceResistance.png Pierce and Fire.png Fire attacks. In turn, nearly all of their attacks are of these damage types, too.

The Yerren are first met in the ruins of the Village of Guanzhong. However, Barmanu, a Neanderthal warlord encountered in the caves at the Tsongmo Peak, is also actually a Yerren.

Yerren are later encountered in large numbers in the Jinghe Wetlands, close to the gate to Chang'an.

Whitefur Yerren are encountered in the mountainous regions of The North (Act V).


Act III:

  • Tribesman/Thunderfist. Basic melee fighters wielding a spear. Thunderfists are the higher level variant. Recommended resistances: Pierce, BleedingResistance.png Bleeding.
  • Archer/Eagle-eye. Basic ranged fighters using a bow. Eagle-eyes are the higher level variant. Recommended resistances: Pierce, Bleeding, Chance to Avoid Projectiles.
  • Spiritspeaker (Champion). The Yerren spellcasters, adept in dealing fire damage. Before participating in battle, they usually protect themselves with an EnergyShield.png Energy Shield (which also gives some time to take them out). In battle, they use two fire spells in addition to regular staff attacks: The first one lobs three small boulders over a short distance, which deal direct fire damage. The second spell covers a small area in flames, which also deal direct fire damage (this spell is also used by Gorgon Profaners). Recommended resistances: Fire.
  • Warchief (Champion). These dual-wielding melee fighters are easily distinguished by the yellow fur on their backs. They have a buff active, allowing them to deal extra Physical and Fire damage. They are also the only Yerrens to wear armor. Recommended resistances: Fire.

Act V:

  • Whitefur - Stalker. Spear melee fighter
  • Whitefur - Warrior. Non-spear melee fighter
  • Whitefur - Prowler. Archer
  • Northern - Axeblade. Thrower
  • Nothern - Frostmaster (Champion). Ice spellcaster
  • Northern - Bear Rider (Champion). Melee fighter

The Yerren heroes are very powerful melee fighters, based on the War Chief champion type. They use various skills from the Hunting.png Hunting, Warfare.png Warfare and Defense.png Defense masteries.

Quest Bosses

Barmanu - Neanderthal High Warlord

While Barmanu is depicted as a Neanderthal warlord, he's also actually a Yerren, found on a plateau beyond a cave on Tsongmo Peak.


Chief Nunatak - Whitefur Yerren Hero (Ragnarök)
Jormun the Glacier - Whitefur Yerren Hero (Ragnarök)
★ Mountainstrider, Tribal Elder ~ Yerren Hero
Swiftstream, Chieftain of the Five Clans - Yerren Hero
★ Wolfbiter, Clan Hunt master ~ Yerren Hero


War Chiefs and the heroes are the only Yerren to wear armor. There are three pieces of Yerren equipment:

  • Yerren Garb
  • Yerren Bracers
  • Yerren Greaves


The Yeren (actually written with one 'r') or Chinese Wildman is a Chinese legendary creature, often described as monkey-man with reddish colored hair and a height of 6 to 8 feet (1.80 to 2.40 meter). Like Bigfoot, the Yeren is peaceful and will generally quietly walk away when encountering people in the Zhejiang province. - Wikipedia: Yeren