Yaoguai with its fire AOE attack and Shadowstalkers

Yaoguai - Ancient Demon Bull

Description Edit

This demon boss resembles a big, burning bull. It lives on Mount Qiyun and blocks your Journey to the Jade Palace during the main quest line.

Abilities and Strategy Edit

  • Demon Charge: Yaoguai rushes forward dealing a lot of Physical Damage. Running away from him can make him stop his charge before he hits you.
  • Flame Ring: Deals a huge amount of Fire Damage in a large zone around him.
  • Gore: After moving and jumping around a few seconds, Yaoguai deals tons of Bleeding Damage to all nearby enemies. (Even with 80% bleeding resistance it can one shot)
  • Summon Shadowstalkers: Summons four Shadowstalkers.

The special attacks deal extreme amounts of damage, so killing it from a distance while constantly moving or using a well-equipped Defense hero are your best bets for surviving this battle. You can run away from its AOE attack to reduce the number of damage pulses you get hit by. Notice that he won't use Charge at close ranges.  Pets- whether from Mastery skills or Scroll summons- may provide additional help in dealing damage or as distractions.

Recommended Resistances: Fire, Bleeding, Pierce

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