Titan Quest Wiki

XMonsters Mod will increase the number of monsters in the main campaign by 2, 3, 4, or more. Fighting more monsters at once is really fun, and can be a lot more challenging.

Known Issues

Lag: This mod causes some LAG! As the number of monsters increases the game requires more cpu and graphical processing power. You will end up with a huge pile of dead bodies and tons and tons of junk loot on the ground.


The xMax mod is basically x10. Every monster type seems to have a different hard spawn limit, but it seems x10 makes them all hit the cap.

TIP: x3 Monsters Mod is the best, if you have an avarage computer and you don't like to be overleveled. It's challenging and hard. (Installing this version of the mod will bring back Diablo feeling, like for me)

NOTE: This mod isn't cheat or a trainer. If you install this mod, it will increase the difficulty of the whole game.