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The vengeful Ghost

This is a Side Quest in The North (Act V). The Heuneburg mine owner Gorcoun asks you to investigate some kind of trouble in the nearby salt mine. Find out why operations have stopped there and how to get the miners working again.


  • Talk to Gorcoun in Heuneburg to receive the quest. He is in the northwest corner of the lower section of the town.
  • To reach the mine, continue on to the Swabian Jura, then follow the road southwest from the rebirth fountain
  • Talk to Cynwrig outside the mine. Turns out everybody who has died inside the mine has recently returned as a zombie or skeleton. The undead have completely overrun the mine. Everybody who enters soon joins their ranks.
  • Enter the Salt Mines and keep heading northwest towards the quest boss, the Vengeful Ghost. Kill it and pick up the Ornate Seal Ring, a quest item for this side quest. If you head straight southeast, you'll reach a creaky ladder that takes you back to the road outside the mine.
  • Return to Heuneburg and give the ring either to Elise or to Gorcoun. If you give it to Elise, talk to her a few times afterwards, to finish the quest.
  • If you talk to Elise first, she will thank you and Gorcoun will despise you. If you speak to Gorcoun first, he will offer to hire you for future problems, and Elise will call you a scoundrel.
  • If you have given the ring to Elise, resolving the quest in her favour, and return to her later, she will tell you Gorcoun fled and the mine is hers alone now, and will reward you additional gold for your help.


  • Gorcoun's reward: 20k / 50k / 140k experience and 100k / 300k / 800k gold (normal / epic / legendary)
  • Elise's reward: 45k / 112k / 325k experience, a magic weapon, 50k / 150k / 400k gold (talk to her again to receive this)