Weapons are what you use to fight Monsters. There are one-handed weapons and two-handed weapons. The former will allow you to use shields but won't hit as hard as the latter, which don't allow shields.


  • Axes: The balanced melee weapon for both damage, speed and requirements.
  • Bows: Distance weapon for warrior classes, it's slow but does piercing damage. Again, the Hunter's skill Marksmanship and its synergies can greatly improve the speed and efficiency of the arrows.
  • Clubs: The slowest melee weapon, but also the most damaging. Since it's blunt, it can't be used for skills which requires a sharp weapon like a spear or a sword.
  • Shields: Blocks melee attacks.
  • Spears: Slow hitting but powerful hunting weapon, capable of piercing armor. It's the best weapon for hunters and other hunter-related classes, as they have a whole skill tree based on spearmanship and can increase the attack rate. You can use a shield along with the spear, but you can't dual wield weapons.
  • Staves: Projectile weapons for spell-casters, they can shoot fire, ice or electrical bullets. They're slow but usually deal lots of damage.
  • Swords: The fastest melee weapon and also the least damaging, though it can do piercing damage. Swords have low requirements, so even spell-casters shouldn't have trouble using them.
  • Throwing Weapons: Distance weapon which was introduced in the Addon Titan Quest: Ragnarök. It is fast and does some piercing damage. It offers less distance than a bow, but in contrast to that can be used with a shield or even be dual wielded (with the proper Warfare Mastery skill).


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In Titan Quest there exist many different weapon qualities. The common weapons exist in three different materials each. They can be made out of metal (most swords, axes, maces and spears) or wood (all bows and staves). Depending on the difficulty these materials are:

  • Normal difficulty
    • Copper, Bronze and Iron
    • Pine, Ash and Oak
  • Epic difficulty
    • Copper gravel, Orichalcum and Adamant
    • Spruce, Yew and Ironwood
  • Legendary difficulty
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