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The Warden is a melee-oriented class combining both the Hunting and Defense masteries. It has some parallels to the Haruspex (Hunting/Dream).


  • excellent in surviving later acts and higher difficulties
  • solid damage and defense vs. stronger monsters and bosses
  • can switch to effective bow fighting if need be


  • starts out pretty slow
  • no effective AoE early on



  • Health - No points
  • Energy - 500 (8 points)
  • Strength - 238
  • Dexterity - All points


  • Head - Alexander's Plumed Helm
  • Torso - Alexander's Cuirass
  • Arm - Phobos
  • Leg - Athena's Battle Greaves
  • Weapon - Spear (green)
  • Shield - Shield of the Korybantes, Deimos, Ancile, Aionios
  • Rings - Apollo's Will, Hale Jewel of Immortality (green)
  • Amulet - Crimson Gem of Cytorius, Myrmidon's Pendant
  • Artifact - Symbol of the Polymath


In the beginning, focus on Wood Lore, Herbal Remedy, Study Prey, Volley, Shield Smash, Iron Will, Pulverize, Colossus Form

At the very end Quick Recovery, Focus

To avoid battle with a strong boss like Toxeus use Monster Lure


It's a class very strong and sturdy that copes with bosses in a matter of seconds.

Health - 6 000+

Attack - 3500
Speed - 200
Defense - 1900+

Resistances - Max with Aionios and Myrmidon's Pendant

Offensive Ability - 1000+
Defensive Ability - 1700+

Hunting Mastery Skills

Template:Hunting Mastery Skill Tree/mobile

Defense Mastery Skills

Points Skills
40 UnyieldingPhalanx.png PerfectBlock.png
32 Defiance.png ColossusForm.png Pulverize.png
24 DefensiveReaction.png IronWill.png Disruption.png
16 Inspiration.png RendArmor.png Disable.png
10 Resilience.png Focus.png ShieldCharge.png
4 Adrenaline.png Rally.png QuickRecovery.png ShieldSmash.png
1 ConcussiveBlow.png BattleAwareness.png Batter.png ArmorHandling.png