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The Village of Tegea is a small village, which lies on the road from Sparta to Delphi.



  • Olorus - Young Tegean: Reports the poisoned village water supply and gives the quest The Poisoned Spring
  • Pirro - Trader
  • Clinias - Aging Farmhand: Reports that creatures roam everywhere and mentions a story about Herakles
  • Hagnon - Storyteller: Recites a story about the goddess huntress Artemis and the mortal man Actaeon


  • Satyr (Beastman): Veteran Warrior


  • Olorus - Young Tegean: Tells about poisoned village water supply and gives quest The Poisoned Spring.
    • The water by our village has gone foul. It happened just the day before last, after first satyr was spotted. My sister got sick and then my neighbor.
    • With the village spring tainted, we will have to travel far for fresh water. Unfortunately the roads are just as dangerous as our poisoned water!
    • After The Poisoned Spring is completed
    • Thanks to you, the spring is clean and good for drinking. All in the village will be grateful.
    • Thank you, stranger. May the gods grant you fortune always!
  • Pirro - Trader
    • I used to sell plows and scythes to farmers, but since the monsters?
    • Hello.
    • Good day.
    • Yes, stranger?
    • Can I help you?
    • Forgot something?
    • Farewell.
    • Artemis guide you!
    • Gods smile on you!
    • Come again!
  • Clinias - Aging Farmhand: Farmer who lived in Tegea his whole life. Reports about creatures roaming everywhere and wonders what small villages can do. Also tells about fight between Herakles and Nemean Boar not so far from Tegea.
    • News from all over Greece brings the same tale of destruction. The creatures roam everywhere. What are small villages to do? Spartans cannot protect us all!
    • We made offerings to Zeus for protection, and to Ares fearing we had offended the hateful god of war. But still, the satyrs, centaurs and harpies beset us night and day.
    • You know, it was not far from here that Herakles fought the Nemean Boar. If Herakles were here now, he would have his hands full!
    • I have lived here all my life as my father did before me. I know where my grandmother's bones lie buried, and soon I fear mine rest near hers.
    • May safety and fortune follow you.
  • Hagnon - Storyteller: Recites a story about the goddess huntress Artemis and the mortal man Actaeon.
    • I sing now, Muse, of the goddess huntress we call Artemis; and I sing of a mortal man named Actaeon. The goddess Artemis, sister to Apollo, and mistress of the moon: there is no greater hunter than she, none more fleet, or sure of her mark with bow or spear. Actaeon, too, was a master hunter, and many a deer fell to his bow, and many offered up to Artemis in thanks. But Actaeon was given an ill fate. One night, chasing a boar, he burst into a clearing by a stream. And there - that very stream had keen-eyed Artemis selected for her moon-lit bath. Naiads, dryads, all her nymphs around her, she had just disrobed and stepped into the stream when Actaeon appeared, wild from the chase. She grew angry that a mortal man had seen her unclothed, and with one cold look, she turned him to a stag! A stag he then became, and Actaeon's own dogs chased after him, snarling at their master, now their prey.
    • So are we, stranger, the hounds snapping at our heels. So are we.


  • If you go through horse yard in south-eastern corner of the village, you will encounter trio of satyrs near a broken fence, who running away from restless undead in Tegea Graveyard.

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