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The Village of Helos is the first town in Greece (Act I). Here you get to update and complete the first chapter of the main quest and also receive the first side quest. Here you can find friendly NPCs, Trader and Caravan Driver ( if IT installed). Also here located first Rebirth Fountain and Portal in the game.



  • Diomedes - Elder of Helos: Stands on the central square near the northern bridge. Talk to him to get an update on the main quest A Troubled Village. When you have defeated the satyr shaman, talk to him again to get your reward and to start the second chapter of the main quest line, Spartans at War.

    Diomedes, village elder

    • Hello, stranger, I'm Diomedes, the leader of this small village. Do you mean to say that you fought your way here? If that's true then please, i beg of you - we need your help! Monsters led by a powerful Satyr shaman appeared a few days ago and have driven us from our farms. We can hardly defend the village gates and have no one who can stop them from destroying our crops. Our farmlands lies on the other side of the river, just over this bridge. The shaman was last seen beyond the farms at the edge of the Helos Woods. Please, rid us of this terrible sorcerer. We will pay you what we can.
    • We barely have men enough to keep the beasts from our gates.
    • Our farmers are terrified, they are peaceful folk and no warriors like Spartans.
    • Please, our farms and our families are not safe. They'll destroy our crops, our only source of food.
    • Just over the bridge, the farms are right here.
    • After Dark Satyr Shaman was defeated:
    • You defeated the powerful shaman? Astounding! Your victory today is great, but I fear there will be more monsters tomorrow. At least there is enough of the harvest left to feed us all. Please seek out the Spartan General, Leonidas. Petition him on my behalf. Ask him to send a few of his warriors to protect us - and quickly, before we are again overwhelmed.
    • Thank you again, stranger. We are indebted to you... but we won't be safe until the men of Sparta guard Helos.
    • Please bring word to General Leonidas in Sparta. I am sure he will send help.
    • Go now, and Zeus watch over you.
    • After Spartans at War is completed:
    • Perhaps the Oracle will know something, something that will help us stop the monsters.
    • No really, go where you are needed. We will be alright here now that Leonidas has sent men.
  • Aeson - Guard Captain: Guards the south-western entrance and welcomes you to Helos, telling you that Diomedes is becoming frustrated over the satyr shaman and how Helos is coping with the monsters.

    Aeson is on watch

    • Hello, I am Aeson, guard captain for this small village. We are holding up...but what's the use? If the monsters lay waste to our farms, we're lost all the same. It's that cursed shaman...Diomedes is tearing his hair out over it.
    • The men of this village hold guard on shifts. Our weapons are rusty and few, but you fight well when you defend your home and family.
    • Enter, traveler, and welcome to Helos.
    • After Dark Satyr Shaman was defeated:
    • We are still attacked day and night, but your help has lifted a burden from my mind. If a few Spartans were here, I would sleep well every night!
    • Helos is safe for now. Seek rest here. Out merchant has fair prices and our villagers are friendly.
  • Midias - Villager: Stands next to the Rebirth Fountain and explains how they work.
    • The waters within these fountains are blessed by the gods. They say when you touch the water, your soul drinks from it. Should you suffer the dark fate in battle, your body will return to the fountain and you may live to fight again.
    • Drink from a different fountain, and the soul shall bind to the new location.
  • Laches - Villager: Stands near the Portal and explains their function and mythological background.
    • These shrines are ancient - as old as humankind, some say. They say Prometheus, who brought us fire, built these, too, and in ancient times men traveled by them.
    • A very few still can. Those destined for greatness, touched by the gods. Even fewer can travel to them with a simple stone, as well. Or so the old tales claim.
  • Iolaus - Storyteller: Can be found in the western vineyard. He tells the tales of Herakles.
    • O Muse, inspire me to speak of the mightiest hero ever known, son of Zeus, a god, and of mortal woman - the man named Herakles. Hated by the godness Hera and beloved of Zeus, mighty-handed Herakles battled monsters great and fearsome. The Nemean Lion he slew, and the Hydra, many-headed; the Erymanthian Boar and thunderous giants. Twelve tasks of legend did he perform. Herakles rose above the realm of mortals. Once, it is told, he took the place of Atlas, who holds the world aloft. Herakles, yes, Herakles bore the world itself upon his shoulders! And now - now, where is a hero half as great as he?
    • What became of Herakles, you ask? The gods gave him immortality, and gathered him up to Olympus.
  • Hesione - Villager: Woman standing near the portal. She's worried about the monsters and will thank you, after you have defeated the shaman.
    • Monsters! All over the village! They're burning and killing everything in their path. I've never seen such things in my life. The chaos and destruction it...is all to much for me to handle.
    • We desperately need your help. Please, talk to Diomedes, our village elder.
    • It was so awful, they come out of nowhere. We were working in the field, first i smelled the smoke, then there they were.
    • The satyrs are in our fields, destroying our crops. At this rate, we'll starve - if we make it that far.
    • Please, you must do something!
    • Please, speak with Diomedes, our village elder.
    • After Dark Satyr Shaman was defeated:
    • I want you to know you've saved our lives. All the crops were not ruined - we will not starve through the winter.
    • Our village is a friend to the Spartans. They are mighty and rival far-away Athens, the other great power in Greece.
    • I think I will always have nightmares of this day, but they will always end with the brave stranger who saved our lives.
    • I will make an offering to the gods and ask them to smile on your fortunes.
    • In harvest season, the whole village works hard to gather all the crops. This year, we hope there will be enough.
    • Thank you, traveler. Thank you.
  • Eumolpus - Old Villager: Stands near the merchant. He can only be talked to after you have defeated the shaman and he will just thank you.
    • You have saved our farms and out livelihoods. For this, we thank you.
    • You have our thanks, stranger.
  • Lyerses - Lookout: Guard standing at the south-eastern exit to Laconia.
    • Leave if you must, traveller, but we need your help. The farms are on the other side of the village, across the bridge.
    • Please turn back and save our farms.
    • To get to the farms, turn back and go past Diomedes. Cross the bridge and you will find them.
    • The farms lie behind you. This way leads to Sparta.
    • After Dark Satyr Shaman was defeated:
    • You have our thanks. May Hermes lead you safe to Sparta.
    • Yes, the way to Sparta lies down this road - just beyond Laconia.
    • Make haste, traveler. We are counting on you.
    • Go safely. Zeus protects us all.
  • Nicostratus - Shepherd: Starts the first side quest, Monstrous Brigands.
    • We were leading our flocks home when a pack of satyrs attacked. By the gods, they grabbed Tellis and dragged him into a roadside cave. The roads aren't safe - nowhere is safe, anymore.
    • First the satyrs lurked in the woods, then in the open fields. Now they roam like impudent brigands on our roads.
    • You won't find me straying from the village again.
    • How have we offended the gods that they send this scourge of monsters on us?
    • They jumped out at us and grabbed him, by Zeus! I am sure I lost him.
    • It is too dangerous to leave the village. Soon I fear they will be dragging us from our very houses to their cookpot.
    • After Tellis was saved:
    • Tellis, still alive? I can hardly believe my ears! I had given up. Thank you, warrior! Thank you!
    • You saved the life of my friend. Zeus bring you good fortune.
  • Carcinus - Trader
    • Dont' forget armor for your arms and legs, it is important too.
    • My blades will serve you in a pinch.
    • So, what suits your fancy?
    • If you are going out there, don't go unprepared. Buy what you need here.
    • Welcome!
    • Hello there!
    • Good morning friend!
    • Forgot something?
    • Anything else?
    • Goodbye.
    • Goodbye my friend!
    • Until next time!
    • We shall see you again I hope.
  • Eratodes - Caravan Driver (Immortal Throne only)
    • You can store your goods with me!
    • Hail, traveler! Store your things with me!
    • I can ease your load!
    • I will hold your things for you!
    • A good day to you!
    • Hermes guide you!
    • Here are keep you!
    • Your goods are safe with me!
    • So long!

In Real Life

Helos (now called Elos) is a village in the Peloponnese. Legend states that it wa states that it was founded by Helios the youngest son of the hero Perseus. Another legend takes it as the origin of the word 'helotes', the state-bound Lacedemonian working class, children of formerly war captives. Today it has a population 742 people and since 2011 has lost its status of being an independent town and is now part of the municipality of Evrotas. Its economy is largely agricultural, producing oranges and olive oil.


  • You can actually leave the village through this exit before defeating the shaman - just talk to Lyerses. However, you still need to complete the first chapter in order to progress with the main quest line.
  • If you spoken with Lyerses BEFORE killing Dark Satyr Shaman, then for the rest of the game he will speak his "before killing" lines, even if you already killed the beast.
  • After Spartans at War quest no new warriors will appear in the village, despite a fact that Diomedes say otherwise.

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