Long time player of Titan Quest Immortal Throne. Came back to the game in 2018, playing the Anniversary Edition.

My favorite pages


  • Complete the quest descriptions for act 5
  • Add images and check descriptions / rewards of the quests of act 1, 2 and 5 (act 3 and 4 are done)
  • check interwiki links and bottom navbox layout for all quests: act 1 and 5 done
  • add the Monster (The North) and their locations to the monster charm farming guides

  • fix the "Traps" monster listing for Mimer's Maze
  • add the locations image to the Crystal Golem page, if the creator gives their permission
  • verify that the Stygian Lurker reward is only granted once
  • create a navbox for the epic bosses and secret areas
  • is Among the Ruins really bugged and not completable?
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