Titan Quest Wiki

Currently In Progress

Common Item Farming

  • Missing 1 item from Act V Legendary, wyrmskin banded boots, where r u?


  • Added all NPCs up to middle of Act III and some in Act V


  • Have a list of all 128 monster types in game, need to organize by monster race
  • Have a list of around 1,950 monster variants


  • Rearranged regions a bit before making navboxes


  • Thinking about making a stub page for missing classes


  • In the process of creating weapon pages


  • Started making stub pages for missing Quests

Current Projects

See : Project

General Goals

  • Everything in TQ should at least be searchable in the wiki
  • You should be able to navigate anywhere in the wiki without going back to the home page
  • Use text and pictures for descriptions
  • Lists should be organized or have additional information to make them more meaningful
  • Lists should also have enough information so they are useful to prompt the knowledgeable and help cut down the choices for the novice