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Act IV > City of Lost Souls > Lower City of Lost Souls > Upper City of Lost Souls > The Plains of Judgment

Act IV > City of Lost Souls > Lower City of Lost Souls > Upper City of Lost Souls > Small Rocky Cave

The portal here is called "Plains of Judgement".



The Dust of a Titan
Eurydice and Orpheus
An Invitation
The Necromanteion
An Inside Source


  • Hylas - Shade
  • Leda - Priestess Shade
  • Codros - Enchanter
  • Horemwia - Caravan Driver
  • Lasthenes - Mystic
  • Eurydice - Shade
  • Callicrates - Scoundrel Shade
  • Phyleides - Noble Shade
  • Marpessa - Shade
  • Noemon - Ancient Shade
  • Amathea - Shade
  • Oroites - Blacksmith
  • Epizelos - Arcanist
  • Oenobius - Priestly Shade
  • Pylades - Rough Shade

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P = Portal, S = Side Quest, M = Boss Monster (Majestic Chest)