Formerly known as the Occult Mod, Underlord is a total overhaul of Titan Quest: Immortal Throne. Part restoration, part expansion, this mod adds a huge amount of content to the game, as well as re-working the game balance to create a more exciting, varied and not to mention more difficult gameplay experience. (Made by Munderbunny).

Latest version: 1.52

Bundled in this mod:

  • Fanpatch 1.17a (with Allskins vendors)
  • JMD's Immortal UI Theme
  • EJFudd's Randomization Fix (i.e. the drops will be more randomized)
  • The Lord of Space's Slow-Casting bugfix
  • Galefury's Easier Mythics


  • All 9 masteries expanded and rebalanced, each going up to level 40 with 24 skills (each revised and balanced)
  • Characters' Level Cap raised to 85
  • 3 secret areas added to the game
  • New and Revised monsters with new skills
  • 30 new rare affixes
  • All set bonuses improved
  • New sets added
  • New weapon type: vitality staff
  • New items, including monster infrequents, randomized unique jewelry and easter eggs
  • New Mythic class of items above Legendary
  • Large number of charms and relics rebalanced and improved
  • Large number of items rebalanced and improved
  • Brand new Quests


  • Increased monster level (+3) and spawning (x3)
  • Increased champion and hero monster chance to spawn
  • Potions cooldown increased to 16 seconds
  • Potions stack limit increased to 100
  • Monster infrequents now have a distinct color on the ground
  • Combat math reworked:
  • Fewer, but more powerful critical hits
  • Chance to dodge from defense ability greatly lowered (damage reduction unchanged)
  • Monsters and non-boss chests only drop one bag of gold (total gold unchanged)
  • Enchanter costs reduced to 10% of the item value
  • Mystic costs reduced to 3,000 gold max after 60 points
  • Experience recovered from gravestones reduced to 50%
  • Axes all have a base 15% pierce ratio
  • Recipes accept higher-quality versions of their charms, relics, and scrolls
  • Boss monsters have an aura which removes dodge and deflect immunities

Easter Eggs:

  • Blood Cave
  • A new Secret Passage beyond the original one

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