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Typhon in chains

Main Quest (Act III): Journey to the Jade Palace > Under Wusao Mountain > Olympus

This quest is a chapter of the Main Quest. In the previous chapter you have made the Journey to the Jade Palace to ask the Yellow Emperor where Typhon, the last Titan, is imprisoned.

He has revealed the location to you, Wusao Mountain, and lets you use a different, shorter path back down Mount Qiyun. You re-enter the City of Chang'an from the previously inaccessible Chang'an Farmland (Southwest). Feiyan of The Order of Prometheus tells you how to reach Wusao Mountain. Now you have permission to enter the eastern district of the city and take the route through there.

Alas, you are too late. Just as you reach Typhon's prison deep within the mountain, in The Obsidian Halls, the telkine, Ormenos, uses the Sickle of Kronos to free him. Typhon flees and you have to defeat Ormenos to be able to follow him. Ormenos' death starts the next chapter of the story, Olympus.


  • Experience: 25k / 70k / 250k (normal / epic / legendary)