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Typhon - Bane of the Gods is the final boss of the original Titan Quest. He is originally imprisoned by the gods under Wusao Mountain, but during the game he is released by the third and final Telkine (Ormenos), who wields the Sickle of Kronos. He then travels to the top of Mount Olympus to seek revenge on the gods that imprisoned him, where the player follows him to the ending of Act III. He is the father of Chimera, Cerberus, Lernean Hydra and Orthus. Typhon is classified as a Titan in-game, but in Greek mythology he is not a Titan, but simply a monster.

Defeating TyphonEdit

Recommended resistances: Vitality, Fire, Lightning, Poison. Contrary to what could be expected of a final boss, max resistances are not really necessary, about 50-60% should be enough if you struggle to get good equipment. Focus primarily on Vitality and Fire, but don't completely neglect Lightning and Poison.

Since Typhon is the final boss in the main Titan Quest storyline, the player may find him very tough to beat, although likely not as hard as the first Telkine. He hits very hard and has a couple of special attacks, including meteors and a deadly fire breath. Occasionally he grows spikes all over his body, which will persist for a short while. Any melee attack received during that time will be reflected back at the player in the form of bleeding damage over time.


If that's not enough, in the original Titan's Quest, there are four statues of Greek Gods surrounding Typhon, which grant him temporary abilities when he hits them. The four statues give him the following powers:

  • Apollo statue: The Apollo statue will give Typhon an energy drain attack and allow him to call down meteors on you. Be aware of the meteors: without any damage absorption they will kill you if you get hit by all of them, but they are very easy to dodge.
  • Demeter statue: The Demeter statue will give Typhon a poison attack and allow him to paralyze you briefly with a gripping hand.
  • Hades statue: Probably the most dangerous statue of the four. The Hades statue will give Typhon a health drain attack which will completely heal him every time he uses it (even if you have 100% protection against vitality damage) and allow him to summon abyssal liches. (In Immortal Throne, the health drain will give Typhon a slow health regen effect, instead of completely healing him.)
  • Zeus statue: the statue of Zeus grants Typhon a lightning attack.

In Titan's Quest - Immortal Throne, the statues are no longer active and instead Typhon now simply has all their previously granted abilities right from the beginning and can use them at any time except the gripping hand and the abyssal liches summon :

  • Demeter's Poison Bolt: Throws a poison orb in front of him exlpoding at impact. Always followed by Energy Drain.
  • Energy Drain: Leeches a huge ammount of Energy in front of him.
  • Fire Breath: Breaths fire in front of him.
  • Life Leech: Leeches a decent ammount of Health in front of him.
  • Meteor Shower: Summons fire meteors from the sky.
  • Thorns: Summons thorns on his skin granting him a reflect percentage of incoming damages.
  • Zeus Lightning: Standard ranged attack, throws a huge Lightning in front of him.

Typhon, Bane of the Gods.

If you look at the edges of the arena, you will notice some shrines hidden underneath the roofs of temples. If you find your battle with Typhon too difficult, these shrines are your key to victory. If you grab a battle marker and/or a shrine of mastery, killing the Titan will be a lot easier. Just use your skills when they are available, drink your potions, keep hitting him and be sure to dodge when the special attack from the Hades or the Apollo statue comes up. To avoid additional damage, be sure to have some resistances, especially fire resistance.

If you have trouble fighting him head-on, you can always use a hit-and-run tactic. Besides the health drain attack, Typhon knows no other way to recover himself, and every hit you make will bring him closer to his death.

Typhon - Died

After the BattleEdit

Congratulations, you have defeated Typhon and completed the Titan Quest main storyline! After Typhon has been slain, a mysterious orb called Typhon's Essence will appear, that will explode into a bunch of loot when you click on it, just like after you have defeated a Telkine. After that, Zeus himself will congratulate you on your victory with a lengthy speech, and then a mysterious portal will appear at the end of the summit, that can lead to two situations:

If you don't have Immortal Throne, the portal will lead back to your main menu where you can start the game again, only now on a higher difficulty (Epic or Legendary).

If you have Immortal Throne installed, the portal will lead to the city of Rhodes, where you can start a whole new journey, which will lead you to one of the most feared places in all of Greece: the Hades, the land of the dead.

In Immortal ThroneEdit

Typhon appears again, later in the expansion, as the second-last boss in the game. Found at the very beginning of Hades' Palace, just before Persephone's chamber, he erupts from the ground as a huge skeleton when you enter the room. As well as arguably being even uglier than before, he has a new arsenal of deadly abilities with which to kill you.

Of these, the one he uses most commonly is his Bone Spit attack. When using this attack, he appears to fire his ribs at you in a cone, dealing piercing and bleeding damage. (Confirmation required) However, these are quite easy to dodge.
He also has a Bone Spire attack, spearing up a line of spikes through the floor in a straight line towards you. This attack is quite easy to dodge, but either instantly kills you or just does insane amounts of damage.
He also possesses a breath attack, which deals Vitality Damage. Again, easy to dodge. This attack has nothing like as much range as the fire breath attack he had on Olympus, so don't panic.
His final, and most annoying, attack has him throwing a yellow-brown orb at you. On impact with the ground, this orb places everything inside a certain radius in a cage of bone, leaving you unable to dodge any of his attacks. He generally follows this attack with his insanely damaging Bone Spire attack, so beware! In addition, the trap lasts 3-8 seconds, making it by far his most dangerous attack.
And he still has his overpowered melee attack, so watch out.


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