The Art Manager is used to take raw data and builds it into a format that is readable by the main Titan Quest game.

Think of the Editor, Quest Editor, etc. as mixing bowls where ingredients are combined and the Art Manager as the oven where these ingredients are baked into an edible cake. Data created in the Editors is called source data. The art manager turns this source data into an asset.

The Art Manager is also used to create Database Records. Database records are ways of arranging assets into objects that the player can interact with in-game.

Navigating The Art Manager Edit

  • Open up the Art Manager.

The pane on the left is the Directory Pane. It is used for navigating through the different directories that hold the source files, asset files, and database files. The user can switch between source, asset and database files with the tabs underneath the Directory Pane. The contents of the folder selected in the Directory Pane are displayed in the Folder Pane on the right. Below the Directory Pane and Folder Pane is the Status Pane. The Status Pane gives the user helpful information about the progress of any actions the Art Manager is taking.

Making Assets in the Art Manager Edit

Source files placed in your mod’s assigned folder or a sub-folder should automatically appear under the Source tab of the art manager. When you select the mod in the Editor, it will automatically save your files to the correct directory.

Making an Asset Edit

Usually, you can auto-create assets. In the Source tab, select a quest or world file and right click on it. Click on the “Auto-Create Asset” option on the menu that appears. That file will automatically have the appropriate asset (with the same name) created under the asset tab.

  1. Open up the Art Manager and select “Tutorial02” from the Mod menu
  2. Select the “Quests” folder and right-click on “Tutorial-Save_The_Village.qst” and select “Auto-Create Asset.”
  3. You will be prompted for the asset name (it should choose the correct) one. Press “Okay”. The asset will be created in the correct folder in the assets tab.

You can also create assets manually

  1. Click the Assets Tab
  2. Create any folders needed to mirror the location of the source file
  3. Select the folder and right-click the asset pane.
  4. Select “New” and choose the asset type to create. From here, you can select the source manually, and the asset will be created.

Building in the Art Manager Edit

In order to see you changes in effect, you must build your assets. Building “cooks” the changed source files and database records into the format that can be read by Titan Quest.

In general, if you’ve made multiple changes, you will want to rebuild your entire mod – it won’t take too long. Go to “Build -> Build”. A word of warning: don’t close the Art Manager until it has finished building!

You can also build assets, database records, and directories under either tab individually. Right click on the item or folder and select build from the menu that appears.

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