Act III > Chumbi Valley > Tsongmo Peak > Tsongmo Ice Caverns




  • Da-wa Phu-ti - Young Shangshung
  • Sang-gye Dorje - Old Man


Regions in Orient (Act III)
Gardens of BabylonTemple of MardukBabylon OutskirtsParthian HighlandsThe Silk RoadBactrian WoodsAmdo Region (West)Shangshung VillageNatu La PassNatu La RidgeAmdo Region (East)Chumbi ValleyTsongmo PeakTsongmo Ice CavernsKhantai MountainsOrkhan ValleyOuter MongoliaMongolian PlateauVillage of GuanzhongThe Great WallShaanxi ProvinceVillage of ZhidanJingyang WoodsShaanxi FieldsChang'an OutskirtsCity of Chang'anChang'an PalaceChang'an Farmland (Southeast)Quinba Bamboo ForestVillage of BinxanJinghe River ValleyQiyun AscentMount QiyunThe Jade PalaceNatural Cave (Jade Palace) - Jinghe WetlandsChang'an Farmland (Southwest)Forest of the AncientsWusao BarrensWusao CavernsThe Obsidian HallsLower Olympus (M)
P = Portal, S = Side Quest, M = Boss Monster (Majestic Chest)
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