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Porcus the Ketos

Main Quest (Act V): Troubles of a new Age > The Warrior Princess

This is the first chapter of the Main Quest of The North (Act V). People in the City of Corinth are celebrating the triumph over the invading monsters. But all is not well. There are still monsters roaming the land, and someone has to drive out a band of sea monsters from the city's harbor.

You do this and earn Ariston's gratitude. Looking for other people who might need help, you come across Ylva at the street intersection southeast of Ariston. Talk to her to complete this chapter of the main story and begin the next, The Warrior Princess.


  1. Talk to Ariston in the eastern center of the City of Corinth to receive this quest.
  2. Head northwest out of the city and make your way to the waterfront of the harbor.
  3. Talk to Haimon the scared dockmaster to learn about the monster Porcus the Ketos which promptly appears. Kill it (see its page for a battle guide).
  4. Return to Ariston and talk to him.
  5. Talk to Ylva at the street intersection southeast of Ariston.


  • Experience: 30k / 75k / 210k (normal / epic / legendary)
  • Gold: 50k / 150k / 400k