Treasure containers are objects found throughout the game in various places. When opened, they usually drop a couple of more or less valuable items. When displaying item names (by pressing Alt, Y or X), container names always show up in yellow.

Treasure containers respawn every time the game is loaded. They may contain all kinds of equipment, gold, Potions, and/or Relic Shard, but will never hold Charm, broken (gray) equipment or special equipment worn by certain monster types (like Arachnos Chitin, Gorgon Sash, Dune Raider's Harness etc.).

Container Types

There are various base types of treasure containers:

  • Junk Piles include Refuse Piles, Debris Files, and Wreckage. Wreckage is about equivalent to a Chest while Refuse Piles and Debris Files are more like a Bone Pile.
  • Bone Piles are generic treasure containers and can be found almost everywhere. They are usually created along with a group of monsters (usually Beasts or Insectoids) guarding it and typically hold some minor treasures.
    • Bone Pile, Ancient Remains, Failed Hero, Fallen Warrior (IT), Fallen Champion (IT), Fallen Hero (IT), Larnax (IT), Desiccated Corpse (IT)
  • Chests or Coffers come in different shapes and sizes and usually can be found in monster encampments, caves or tombs. The locations are more or less fixed, but they aren't always guaranteed to show up.
    • Primitive Stash (IT) < Primitive Hoard (IT) < Primitive Chest < Small Chest (IT) < Chest < Large Chest (IT) < Quality Chest < Ornate Chest < Otherwordly Chest (IT)
    • Coffer < Large Coffer < Royal Coffer
    • Bone Coffer (IT) < Ornate Bone Coffer (IT) < Grand Bone Coffer (IT)
    • Basket < Mahogany Chest < Ornamented Chest
    • Ebony Chest (IT) < Ancient Chest (IT) < Demonic Chest (IT)
  • Sepulchers are special containers only found in tombs. They may contain either a couple of random items (good chance of magic equipment) or nothing or a trap. Trapped sepulchers make a mechanical clicking sound when opened, a few seconds later the trap sets off. There are three trap types: Fire, Cold (+Cold Burn), and Poison (the latter one also creates a lasting poison cloud around the Sepulcher).
    • Sepulcher < Marble Sepulcher < Ornate Sepulcher
  • Sarcophagi can be found outside and inside tombs. They usually contain random items and are not trapped like Sepulchers.
    • Sarcophagus < Pharaonic Sarcophagus, Miniature Sarcophagus
  • Majestic Chests are very large ornamented containers, usually only found near boss monsters. They hold many items of magic quality or better and are usually a good source of rare equipment. Majestic Chests are in fixed locations.
  • Mystic Orbs are speical loot containers left behind by a defeated Boss. Click on a Mystic Orb for a large amount of gold plus magic (yellow), rare (blue), and sometimes a Legendary (purple) item or two. There's also a good chance to get an Arcane Formula to make an Artifact.
    • Typhon's Essence, Charon's Essence (IT), Hades's Essence (IT),

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