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Frost, Fire and Blade Trap

Traps are stationary Devices usually found in tombs and dungeons. When you or any of your pets approach a trap, it starts launching projectiles at certain intervals into all directions. Traps are immune to Vitality Damage. Traps Absorb 80% of Poison Damage.

If going melee against a trap, you might get hit by multiple projectiles, thereby quickly losing health. Ranged attackers can position themselves between the firing lines where they won't get hit at all.

Monster Charm: May drop a Mechanical Parts fragment.


  • Blade Trap: Fling 12 sharp arrows into all directions, dealing physical/piercing damage.
  • Fire Trap: Launch 6 fire bolts into all directions, which bounce off walls and deal a good amount of fire damage upon impact.
  • Frost Trap: Launch 8 frost bolts into all directions, which cause cold damage and slow down the target.
  • Crystal Trap: Launch 8 bolts into all directions. They appear only in The North (Act V). What is their damage type?


  • The Rogue Mastery's skill Disarm Traps skill reduces damage taken from traps/devices and increases damage dealt to traps/devices.
  • Rogues may also set their own traps using Lay Trap and it's synergy skills. These traps are called Bolt Traps. Several Trapper monster types use this skill as well.
  • Some bosses are protected by a couple of traps, including the Minotaur Lord and the Chimera.