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Touch of the Fool
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Touch of the Fool
Vital statistics
Type Lesser Artifact
Effects 15 Armor
50% Skill Disruption Protection
+15% Energy
+30% Casting Speed
-15% Energy Cost
Required Reagents Essence of the Golden Fleece
Boar Hide
Scroll of the Breaking Wheel
Completion Bonus +25 Defensive Ability
Cost to craft 75 000
Selling price 15 000
Required Level 15

The Touch of the Fool is a Lesser Artifact which can be created at an Enchanter , using an Arcane Formula (requires expansion Immortal Throne)

Required Level: 15


  • -15% Energy Cost
  • 50% Skill Disruption Protection
  • 15 Armor
  • +15% Energy
  • +30% Casting Speed

Required Materials

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