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Titan Quest: Immortal Throne (also known as TQIT or simply IT) is the expansion pack to the game. It expands the original storyline with a fourth act, Hades. Before being allowed to travel to Hades, the player needs to complete the original main quest line.

Many new features and enhancements were added in the expansion, including Arcane Formulae, Artifacts (along with a new inventory slot), the new Dream Mastery, many new enemies and secret Bosses.

Installing TQ:IT also changes the original game, introducing many refinements, including travelling goods caravans. Those playing Titan Quest for the first time, and having installed both TQ and TQIT, will find that they need to launch the game with the TQIT launcher - it will detect that Titan Quest has not been completed and will start the player at the start of the original Titan Quest. The players can then play through Titan Quest, and then on into TQIT, with all the additions and fixes which TQIT brings to the original game.

New Content[]

New mechanics[]

  • Level cap raised to 75
  • Enhanced monster AI
  • Pet controllers (select all pets with a button and Aggressive/Normal/Defensive stances)

New Features[]

  • Lock Item pickup
  • Attribute undo
  • Added audio options (4.1 and 5.1)
  • Equip with rightclick
  • Gamma slider
  • Triple Buffering
  • Detail Objects
  • Advanced Effects
  • Inventory sort button,
  • Additional quickslots
  • Display HP/Energy
  • New Map Icons
  • Difficulty Indicator
  • Clock
  • Adjusted Experience Bar
  • The option to Disable Screenshake
  • The ability to remove day/night cycle in the game was removed, due to the impact it would have on the looks of the new act.

Multiplayer Options[]

  • Improved Lobby
  • Player-vs-Player (possible in Titan Quest with a 'secret' commandline)
  • Autoparty
  • Know Your Teammates

New Issues[]

Titan Quest: Immortal Throne is known to cause rubberbanding for some players. This is often due to their having set the Windows swap-file to reside on another hard-drive.

Compatibility with Mods[]

  • Since Immortal Throne is seen as an extension and enhancement of Titan Quest for most players, as well as the better toolset that comes with it, most mods are made for players who have Immortal Throne installed (e.g. the unofficial fanpatch).
  • New versions of the defiler (defiler.NET) and TQVault (2.0 and higher), with more features and a bigger variety of player-made mods.