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Tigermen are humanoid tiger creatures found in the Orient (Act III). They are the most commonly encountered monsters in the Orient. Tigermen belong to the beastmen category of monsters, therefore are often found in encampments and with several warrior types complementing each other.

They can pose a serious threat to the player if encountered in large numbers, especially when lead by a Pack Leader.

Tigermen have basic elemental resistances (ColdResistance.png Cold, FireResistance.png Fire, and LightningResistance.png Lightning) and sometimes wear special pieces of armor and weapons.

They are first encountered on the Mongolian Plateau.


  • Prowler/Elite Prowler. Basic melee fighters.
  • Archer/Elite Archer. Basic ranged fighters.
  • Sorcerer/Elite Sorcerer (Champion). These white tigers are the quite powerful spellcasters of the tigermen and trained in various skills of the Storm.png Storm Mastery. Spells they use include LightningBolt.png Lightning Bolt with ChainLightning.png Chain Lightning modifier, a variation of IceShard.png Ice Shard (multiple projectiles dealing cold damage), and the StormSurge.png Storm Surge retaliation buff with a chance to unleash a ring with lightning/cold damage and 1.5 seconds of stun when they are hit. Sorcerers wear special pieces of armor.
  • Pack Leader/Warlord (Champion). Black tigers using a melee weapon and a shield. Before engaging in melee, they usually cast a BattleStandard.png Battle Standard with Triumph.png Triumph upgrade, which provides several buffs to their nearby brethren. They also have a permanent aura active which increases total speed of monsters within a small radius. When in melee they use Disable.png Disable to temporarily reduce the attack speed of their target by 50%.


★ Jun Shan, Warrior-Monk ~ Tigerman Hero
★ Miao Miao ~ Tigerman Hero
★ Shao Hsin the Wanderer ~ Tigerman Hero
The Waterdancer ~ Tigerman Hero

All three of Tigermen heroes are tough opponents and should be approached with caution. Jun Shan is often a dual wielding melee hero, while Miao Miao and Shao Hsin are casters. They are always found in a pack with other tigermen and sometimes even come in pairs per pack.

Special Equipment