Jinghe Wetlands

This is a Side Quest in the Orient (Act III). One of three sisters living on Wusao Mountain needs to be rescued from the invading monsters.


  1. Optional step: Right at the entrance of the Qiyun Ascent region from Jinghe River Valley Yi Shan, a serene young woman, stands next to a rebirth fountain. She is one of the three sisters the quest is named for. Talk to her to start the quest.
  2. Optional step: Continue on to the Jinghe Wetlands, head up the hill right behind the ford there and talk to the second sister, Li Hua. She asks you to rescue the third sister Ru Zhao whose charm has broken.
  3. Go east into the tigerman camp, kill everyone there and rescue Ru Zhao. Talk to her three times to get the whole story about the sisters' immortality charm and advance the quest. Then report back to the second sister to complete the quest.

Note: When you receive the quest from Yi Shan, its description in the quest log contains a lot of information she did not actually give you. Talk to her several times to receive part of it.


  • Experience: 30k / 75k / 200k (normal / epic / legendary)
  • random magical jewelry

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