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Main Quest: Spartans at War > The Words of the Oracle > The Source of the Monsters

The Words of the Oracle is the third chapter of the Main Quest


  • Travel to Delphi and consult the great Oracle there


    • Leonidas has sent you to the great Oracle in the Temple of Apollo in Delphi to seek help in stopping the monster plague.
  • Speak with Timon in Megara


  1. Follow the route Spartan War-Camp - Pellana Valley - Spartan Highlands - Mycenean Ruins - Spartan Woods - Village of Tegea - Arcadia - Megara Bluff - Megara Coast - City of Megara
  2. Speak with Timon, who stand not far from the city portal.


  • Experience: 2k / 40k / 90k (normal / epic / legendary)
  • an Inventory Bag (only on Normal difficulty)