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Wodan has unmasked Loki, but the latter has already started Ragnarok

Wodan has unmasked Loki, but it is too late. Ragnarök has begun

Heimdall, at the gates of Asgard

Heimdall, at the gates of Asgard

a battle with the boss Mimer

Meeting Mimer

Main Quest (Act V): The Rescue > The Wisest BeingThe Burning Sword

This is the sixth chapter of the Main Quest of The North (Act V). Ylva has been revealed as the trickster Loki who, with your help, has set in motion the events of Ragnarök! In a desperate attempt to find and stop Loki before his evil plans come to fruition, Wodan has decided to go on a daring mission to Jutonheim, home of the frost giants, and extract information from Mimer, the wisest of beings. Follow him to the rainbow bridge at Himinbjörg.


  1. Talk to Wodan in Valhöll. Follow him.
  2. Talk to Heimdall in Himinbjörg.
  3. Talk to Wodan in Himinbjörg.
  4. Go to Mimer's Maze in Yggdrasil Glade.
  5. Defeat Mimer in Mimer's Maze. Note: The main quest done and you immediately get The Burning Sword.


  • 30k / 75k / 210k Experience (normal / epic / legendary) for talking to Mimer


There is a chance Wodan will not appear in front of Heimdall, preventing the player from progressing. Exiting to the main menu, and continuing the game seems to resolve this issue.