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Carme in Medea's Grove

This is a Side Quest in Hades (Act IV).

Legend has it that an ancient race of kings built a great city, named Propontis, within the nearby Soronian Swamps. The last of these Tsakonian kings is supposed to have hidden his most prised possessions in his tomb, and it is said the treasure has never been uncovered. The hidden treasure can be searched for in Tsakonian Ruins.


  • Speaking to Carme at the northern exit of Medea's Grove starts the quest
  • Queen Alkiste must be defeated in the Tomb of Tsakonian Queens in northern part of Soronis in order to get the Ancient Moon Key
  • King Aegimius must be defeated in the Great Tomb of Aegimius in north-western part of Tsakonian Ruins in order to get the Ancient Sun Key
  • Those two keys will unlock the path to the treasure chamber in the Great Tomb of King Dorus in south-eastern part of Tsakonian Ruins. Note: Defeating King Dorus is not required for the quest completion.


  • Experience: 40k / 100k / 270k (normal / epic / legendary)