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Ylva is looking for you in Corinth

Main Quest (Act V): Troubles of a New Age > The Warrior Princess > The Power of Nerthus

This is the second chapter of the Main Quest of The North (Act V). In Corinth you were approached by Ylva, a noble hailing from the distant north, who has come all the way to Greece to find you. The strange gods her people worship seem to follow Hades' example and are attacking the lands of the Norsemen. She bids you journey north and meet her in a town called Glauberg. However, since main harbour harbor is destroyed you must go to Kenchreai, the other port of mighty Corinth, and ship out from there.


  1. Talk to Ylva in the center of the City of Corinth.
  2. Talk to Dorieus in Port of Kenchreai.
  3. Talk to Bouderix in Heuneburg (you receive 20k / 50k / 140k Experience when you talk to him).
  4. Talk to Brigarigos in Lemberg.
  5. Talk to Ylva in Glauberg.


  • Experience: 20k / 50k / 140k (normal / epic / legendary)
  • Experience: 45k / 112k / 325k
  • a random magical item

Note: You receive the first, smaller amount of experience during the quest, when you talk to Bouderix, and you receive the second when you complete the quest.