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Abderus on the beach of Coastal Asomata

Defending the torch-lighter

This is a Side Quest in Hades (Act IV).

The foreman Abderus asks you to escort one of his men to the nearby bluff to light the signaling beacon there, so ships will know it's safe traveling to the harbor of Rhodes once again.


To find Abderus, simply follow the coast line from Rhodes to the east. He is located near a ship at the center of the beach in Coastal Asomata.

The torchbearer will follow you around and be attacked by creatures. Make sure, he does not die. The beacon is located further east, at Camirus Bluff. It is crowded with undead. Ascend the stairs and let the torchbearer do his work. Meanwhile, there will be three waves of undead spawning. Slay them to protect the torchbearer.

Once the beacon is lit, return to Abderus to receive your reward.

Note: If a torch bearer is slain, you can return to Abderus and fetch another one. Each time you approach the beacon with a torch bearer, you have to defeat the same three waves of undead again. The progress in lighting the beacon adds up though, so as long as you manage to keep each torch bearer alive for a while at the beacon, you will eventually complete the mission.


  • Experience: 30k / 75k / 200k (normal / epic / legendary)
  • a random Arcane Formula