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Semele in Medea's Grove

Formicid Queen Ycht'skk'l

This is a Side Quest in Hades (Act IV).

Medea's headmistress, Semele, is greatly distressed. It appears she was ambushed by Formicids who stole an item called the Sigil of the First Apoktisis from her. It sounds as if this is a talisman of some power and importance. There must be a formicid colony nearby. The Sigil must be retrieved.

Sigil of the First Apoktisis


Talking to Semele in Medea's Grove will activate the quest. Then the hero must head north through some woods into the Ampelian Caves. In the north-east corner, one can encounter the Formicid Queen Ycht'ssk'l. Once she is defeated the sigil can be retrieved. After returning the item to Semele she will reward the hero.


  • Experience: 30k / 75k / 205k (normal / epic / legendary)
  • a random pwerful Staff (magical or better)