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Main Quest (Act II and Act III): Act II >> A Telkine in Egypt > The Sickle of Kronos > Act III > Hunt for the Sickle

This is a chapter of the Main Quest. At the end of the previous chapter, A Telkine in Egypt, you retrieved a stone tablet from a slain telkine and brought it to Imhotep in the Temple of Seti. Reading it, he realized that the enemy is searching for the Sickle of Kronos, a mighty artifact that can slay even a god. A telkine is already in Babylon where the sickle is hidden. You are the only human who can slay a telkine but there is no time for a normal journey to Babylon. So Imhotep gives you a portal key, the Scepter of Eternity (which you helped him assemble two chapters previously).

You make your way to the portal within the Temple of Hatshepsut. The entrance to portal room is guarded by Sand Wraithlord - Nightmare of the Desert. After defeating him you place the scepter in the portal's keystone and let yourself be transported to the Gardens of Babylon.

On the other side of the portal, you meet Zakir, another member of the Order of Prometheus. He has bad news. The telkine has forced his way into the Temple of Marduk and will soon reach the chamber where his Order has hidden the sickle. You need to stop him. On the way through the temple you will overcome Chimera. But you are too late. The telkine has already taken the sickle and moved on. So your journey continues in the next Main Story chapter, the Hunt for the Sickle.


  • Experience: 15k / 60k / 145k (normal / epic / legendary)
  • a Relic Shard
  • the third Inventory Bag (only on normal)