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Eurylochus knows that Hades' invasion would grind to a halt ...

... if every shard were destroyed

This is a Side Quest in Hades (Act IV). Eurylochus, one of the heroes in Odysseus' warband, has found out that Hades has no direct control over daemons who leave his realm of the dead. He has created five crystal shards which extend his control to the realm of the living. If these shards were to be destroyed, the daemons in the living lands would immediately revert to their base instincts. The invasion would fall apart.


  1. Talk to Eurylochus at Odysseus' observation point in Argolis, near the wall of Hades' palace. Then destroy the shards as you make your way through the palace:
  2. The first shard is in a side passage behind a gate near the end of The Aidonean Propylon.
  3. The second shard is in the center of the Court of Kouloures.
  4. The third shard is in the Polis Daemonai, through the gate behind the Warden of Souls.
  5. The last two shards are left and right of the entrance to Hades' throne room, in the Royal Chambers.


  • Experience: 35k / 80k / 215k (normal / epic / legendary)
  • (a completed Crystal of Erebus charm)

Note: Each destroyed shard leaves a fragment of the Crystal of Erebus behind, a powerful Charm. You need 5 fragments, so if you finish this quest you can complete the charm.