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Medea opens a portal to Epirus

The gate to the underworld near Epirus

Charon's dock

Main Quest (Act IV): Medea's Price > The Road to Hades > Judgment of the Living

While looking for the path to the underworld, Medea has seen great turmoil. She believes that you may be able to save both the living and the dead. But for now your task is to find the Tiresias, the dead seer who bade you come meet him in the underworld.

Beyond the portal your path leads into a warzone. Paseron has fallen to an enemy army. You make your way through the half destroyed city and, not far beyond the city walls, the gate to the underworld. Charon has stopped ferrying shades across the river Styx and blocks the unfinished bridge. He dies at your hands.

At the other end of the bridge you find another projection of Tiresias the seer. Talking to him starts the next chapter of the main story, the Judgment of the Living.

Note: Charon drops the oar for One Who Would Lead.


  • Experience: 25k / 50k / 120k (normal / epic / legendary)
  • Health and Energy restored