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The Restless King

This is a Side Quest in The North (Act V). Etheltrud in King Gylfi's Settlement believes she is a descendant of "The Great King" and she has inherited a brooch which might be bearing his crest. Go to the king's haunted barrow, find an item with his crest and verify her family's story, so that the other villagers might finally believe her.


  1. Go to King Gylfi's Settlement (the Act V Scandia portal is in that settlement) an talk to Etheltrud, a bit north of the portal, to begin the quest.
  2. Head east along the southern edge of the Birch Wood Forest until you reach the Barrowlands. Grab the Ancient Breastplate from one of the chests in the Barrow of the Restless King (that's the central barrow). It is not neccessary to kill The Restless King.
  3. Return the Ancient Breastplate to Etheltrud.

Note: Also in the Barrowlands, in the northern barrow, you'll find the third Embossed Silver Plate for the side quest The Magic Cauldron.


  • Experience: 30k / 75k / 210k (normal / epic / legenary)
  • Torso Armor