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King Gylfi in his hall

a fancy forge, run by the grim humanoid Dvergar race

The Master Forge of the Dvergar

the hero travels walks along on one of the branches of Yggdrasil, the world tree

Travelling along one of the branches of Yggdrasil, the World Tree

a corridor with prison cells. Ylva is locked up in one of them

Rescuing the princess from a dungeon cell

Main Quest (Act V): Scandia under Siege > The RescueThe Wisest Being

This is the fifth chapter of the Main Quest of The North (Act V). It looks very much like Ylva has been captured and abducted by the Aesir. You decided to travel to Asgard, the homeland of the Aesir, in hope of finding her there. The road is long however and first you must brave the ancient Dvergr Halls of the west in order to find passage unto Yggdrasil the cosmic tree.


  1. Talk to Gylfi in King Gylfi's Hall. Note: The Rescue quest updated, after you took back the Broken Spear, but you have to talk to him once more. Don't forget to take the Essence / Embodiment / Incarnation of the Power of Nerthus from the chest next to him, after he has gifted it to you.
  2. Talk to Nidblad in Shores of Scandia.
  3. Talk to Audhild in the Village of Kaupangr.
  4. Go to Ichthian Grotto in Ichthian Fjord.
  5. Get the Ichthian Relic from Lord of the Fjord in Ichthian Grotto.
  6. Take the Ichthian Relic to Southern Gate.
  7. Go to Master Forge Chamber in Halls of the Dvergr and talk to Dvalinn.
  8. After you spoke with him go out of the gate to get the portal and go to the Cavern of the Fungoids in Old Mine.
  9. Kill The Great Shroom.
  10. Go back to Dvalinn in Master Forge Chamber. After this, you can go through the door, which was locked.
  11. Go to Asgard. Find and save Ylva in Valhöll. Note: This is a long route.
  12. Fight through with Ylva in Valhöll.
  13. Talk to Loki in Valhöll. Note: The main quest is done and you immediately get The Wisest Being.


  • 45k / 112k / 325k Experience for opening the gate (normal / epic / legendary)
  • 30k / 75k / 210k Experience for reporting back to Dvallin after killing the Great Shroom
  • 20k / 50k / 140k Experience for freeing Ylva
  • 20k / 50k / 140k Experience after you have fought through Valhöll with Ylva