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Main Quest (Act V): The Warrior Princess > The Power of Nerthus > Scandia under Siege

This is the third chapter of the Main Quest of The North (Act V). A mysterious artifact that Ylva believes will greatly aid her people is kept by the Cult of Nerthus, a twisted and powerful nature cult that holds sway over the wildlands beyond Glauberg. You must go to their underground sanctuary in the Suebi Lakelands and slay the four Elders that guard the artifact. Doing so will not only further your own cause, but also greatly please the Glauberg Prince, to whom the cult has been as a thorn in his side for a long time.


King Gylfi

  1. Talk to Teutorigos (Twice) in Glauberg. First is just a story based conversation. Second u accept the new main quest.
  2. Go to Nerthus Sanctuary.
  3. Kill the Ancient of the Soil in Inner Sanctum.
  4. Kill the Ancient of the Sky in Altar of Nerthus.
  5. Kill the Ancient of the Wild in Glade of Nerthus.
  6. Kill the Ancient of the Lake in Island of Nerthus.
  7. Killing the four ancients has dissolved the mystical barrier in the Inner Sanctum. Go there, take the Mistletoe of Nerthus from the altar and leave through the tunnel behind the altar.
  8. It ends on the Zealand Coast.
  9. Talk to Wodbald on Zealand Coast. He needs 3 items. 2 can be found on Zealand Coast, and 1 in Hollow Cliffs in Large chests. These are stolen bundle, stolen box, stolen barrel. After you find these go back to him. (You can find first the items then talk to Wodbald in this case you spare some time.)
  10. He will take you to King Gylfi's Settlement.
  11. Talk to Hlif in King Gylfi's Settlement. He will take from you the Mistletoe of Nerthus. After this, you may enter King Gylfi's Hall.
  12. Talk to Gylfi in King Gylfi's Hall. Note: The main quest done and you immediately get Scandia under Siege.

Note: After you have killed the four ancients, you may want to visit Teutorigos again. He'll give you a reward of gold and experience for driving the Cult of Nerthus from his area.


(the reward tiers are for normal / epic / legendary difficulty)

  • a magical amulet (when you receive the quest from Teutorigos)
  • optional: 20k / 50k / 140k experience and 30k / 100k / 200k gold from Teutorigos, when you talk to him after killing the four ancients
  • 30k / 75k / 210k experience