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Pegaea, waiting for help

The Poisoned Spring is a side quest, available in the Village of Tegea in Greece ( Act I ). Olorus tells you about the troubles his village is facing. Two days before, Satyrs began to appear in the surrounding countryside. At the same time the water in the village's spring went foul, making people sick. Search for the cause in the nearby woods to the west of the village.


  • Search for the cause of the taint
  • Destroy the spiders that dwell in the cave
  • Return to Pegaea


  1. Talk to Olorus in Village of Tegea.
  2. Head northwest into the Tegea Forest and on to its northwestern end. There Pegaea, a water nymph, stands in front of a cave. Talk to her for more information.
  3. Enter the cave and kill the three marked monster groups. Each consists of 3 Arachnos - Deathspinners and 2 Orbed Weavers.
  4. Return to Pegaea outside the cave and talk to her again.


  • Experience: 1500 / 30k / 70k (normal / epic / legendary)
  • +75 / +150 / +200 Health
  • Health and Energy restored