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Oenobius in the Upper City of Lost Souls

The entrance to the Necromanteion

This is a Side Quest in Hades (Act IV).

Long ago, on the Plains of Judgement, Hades built the Necromanteion as the one temple and oracle for the dead. But daemons took it over, caging all the shades who served as priests. One of these, Oenobius, managed to escape. Find the Necromanteion and liberate it from the daemons.


Bonescourge - Soul-feeder

  1. Talk to Oenobius in the Upper City of Lost Souls to begin the quest.
  2. Follow the main quest past the Daemon Camp. In the Erebus region, look for the small side path that leads to the temple (marked on the map on the right). Inside, kill Bonescourge - Soul-feeder.
  3. In an alcove behind the boss monster, Podarge had been imprisoned. Talk to her to complete the quest.


  • Experience: 34k / 78k / 210k (normal / epic / legendary)
  • 3 copies of a magical Scroll