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Ljotbjörk at Völva Cave

This is a Side Quest in The North (Act V). Ljotbjörk, apprentice to the scandian Völva, is working to re-assemble a mysterious cauldron that has been taken apart and scattered all around germanic lands. In order to complete it, she needs four more parts. See if you can find them.


  1. Talk to Ljotbjörk at Völva Cave, located at King Gylfi's Settlement. You can get there through the Scandia portal.
  2. Find the four pieces of Embossed Silver Plate scattered around The North:
    1. 1st piece: Fafnir's Cave at the Externsteine. Take the Glauberg portal and go north.
    2. 2nd piece: On the Zealand Coast, follow the shore north-east to a small cave. To reach the Zealand Coast, take the "Scandia" portal to King Gylfi's Settlement, then go southwest to a boat which will take you there.
    3. 3rd piece: In the northern barrow at the Barrowlands. Go east from King Gylfi's Settlement.
    4. 4th piece: At the Frozen River, in the cave marked C on the wiki map. From King Gylfi's Settlement go north through the Birch Forest to reach the Frozen River.
  3. Return and talk to Ljotbjörk.


  • Experience: 45k / 112k / 325k (normal / epic / legendary)
  • a powerful Staff