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Theages, looking for help.

The Lost Dowry is the fourth Side Quest in Greece (Act I), given by Theages in the Laconia Hills. He stands on the side of the road winding through the area. Demons have smashed his cart and stolen a golden necklace, the dowry for his daughter's wedding.


  • Find and kill Pandarus - Thieving Eurynomus
  • Retrieve the necklace and return to Theages


Eurynomus demons have smashed the cart of Theages and are now lurking in a nearby cave. Head northeast and into the cave. On the second level of the cave you'll find a larger red Eurynomus named Pandarus - Thieving Eurynomus near the southeastern wall. Kill it and return the dowry necklace QuestItemDowryNecklace.png it drops to Theages to get your reward.


  • Experience: 400 / 30k / 65k (normal / epic / legendary)
  • Relic Shard


  • Every time you kill Pandarus it drops another dowry necklace, however it cannot be sold or worn. It is useless except for finishing the quest.