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The Kornwyf

This is a Side Quest in The North (Act V). In the Wild Heathlands you pick up a scythe of all things. Maybe someone can make use of it?


  1. From the Glauberg portal in The North (Act V), head northeast through several regions until you reach the Wild Heathlands. Search the region until you run into a huge bilwis, The Kornwyf (it is usually near the northern edge). Kill it and pick up the Kornwyf Scythe. This will add the side quest to the quest list.
  2. Bring the scythe to a peasant called Yiorgia in Corinth or all the way to Kaupangr and give it to Solveig the Farmer in the Kaupangr Outskirts.

Note: There are two more side quests in or near the Wild Heathlands: The Trapped Nixie, and The Magic Cauldron in Fafnir's Cave (<- click for an explanation of how to find it).

Note: You can also offer the scythe to Magoine the farmer in the Glauberg Outskirts but she refuses to accept it since she is too old for field work.


  • Experience: 45k / 112k / 325k (delivering to Yiorgia in Corinth) or 20k / 50k / 140k (delivering to Solveig in Kaupangr) (normal / epic / legendary)