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Hades - God of the Dead

Main Quest (Act IV): The Battle for Elysium > The Immortal Throne > Troubles of a New Age (Act V)

This is the final chapter of the main story of Immortal Throne, the first expansion of Titan Quest. In the previous chapter, The Battle for Elysium, Odysseus sent you into the palace of Hades to aid the goddess Persephone and receive her aid in return. After regaining her freedom, she tells you how her husband Hades has gone insane and must be brought down to bring peace and freedom back to the realms of the dead and the living. Following her directions and after a many fights throughout the halls of the palace, you find and kill Hades - God of the Dead.

Thus ends the first expansion of Titan Quest. The main story continues in Troubles of a New Age, the first story chapter of the second expansion, Ragnarök.


  • Experience: 32k / 78k / 210k (normal / epic / legendary)
  • A stack of magic Scrolls (for freeing Persephone)
  • Hades' Essence (a special Majestic Chest)