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The destroyed hut


This is a Side Quest in the Orient (Act III). A taoist mage lives in the forest west of the Village of Binxan as a hermit. He has not been seen in a while and the villagers worry about his well-being. So they ask the hero to find him.

Walkthrough: Speak to Xiao Yishan in the Village of Binxan (double arrow on the map) to start the quest. Cross the western bridge into the Jinghe River Valley. Cross another bridge to the south. Follow the southern forest line west for a while until you come across the destroyed hut of the hermit (arrow on the map). Walk close to it to auto-complete the quest.

Note: The hermit has completely vanished. Neither he nor his remains can be found in the game, only his hut.


  • Experience: 28k / 70k / 190k (normal / epic / legendary)
  • (the loot from the chests in the hut)

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