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The Foraging Mission is a Side Quest of the Atlantis Expansion. This quest starts by talking to Patrobas - Ships' Cook on the Mud Shoals.

  1. Patrobas requests you to search for something edible in the jungle.
  2. Three Weird Trees in Atlantis Wilderness drop the Weird Fruit. Bring one of them back to Patrobas to receive the reward.
    • (Is the first one on the ledge east of the Friends Like These village? Either there or in a previous deadend in the jungle)
    • The second one is next to the cave you pass after leaving the village with the Friends Like These quest targets.
    • The third is right at the path, a few steps east of the last Atlantean, who in turn is near the Outer Atlantis portal, southeast of it.


  • Experience: 30k / 75k / 200k (normal / epic / legendary)