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This is a Hades (Act IV) Side Quest.

Leda in the Upper City of Lost Souls

Long ago, Zeus smote a Titan with his thunderbolt, reducing him to ash. From these ashes Prometheus fashioned the first humans. It is said that a little of the ash was left over, and that the god Hades appointed a trusty guardian to protect it, somewhere in The Plains of Judgment. The shade-priestess Leda in the Upper City of Lost Souls says she could prepare these ashes into a vital and potent elixir and asks the hero to find the dust of the titan.


  1. (optional) Talking to Leda - Priestess Shade in the Upper City of Lost Souls (near the western entrance) starts the quest.
  2. When Krog the Toothless ~ Urn Guardian in Deep Caverns in The Far Plains is defeated he drops the Ashen Powder from the urn Krog was guarding.
  3. Returning this Ashen Powder to Leda completes the quest.


  • 34000, 78000, or 210000 points of Experience (normal / epic / legendary)
  • 2 Skill Points