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The City of Atlas is a Side Quest of the Atlantis Expansion. Although it is treated as a side quest in the game, it is actually the main story quest of the expansion. This quest starts by talking to Marinos - Intrepid Explorer just outside of the City of Rhodes on the beach.

  1. Talk to Marinos - Intrepid Explorer on the beach of the City of Rhodes
  2. Travel to the Gadir. Upon arrival, Marinos tells you to talk to Azmelqart - Head Priest of the Cult of Herakles to find out more about the Journal of Herakles.
  3. Azmelqart tells you that the journal is buried with King Arganthonios in the Necropolis, north of Gadir.
  4. The Journal of Herakles is dropped after defeating the boss King Arganthonios in the last tomb of Gadir Necropolis.
  5. Return to Marinos with the journal. He tells you to find an ancient navigational instrument on the island of Gaulos.
  6. Travel to Gaulos and defeat The Ancient One in the catacombs. It drops the ancient navigational device. Return it to Marinos.
  7. Marinos requests you to steal a Golden Apple from the Garden of the Hesperides in the Atlas Mountains.
  8. Travel to Africa. Go through the Atlas Mountains and reach the Garden of the Hesperides through a portal.
  9. Defeat Ladon in the garden. It drops a Golden Apple. Bring it back to Marinos.
  10. Travel to Atlantis. Marinos tells you to explore the surroundings.
  11. Along the road, there is a man called Acrocatus - The Last Atlantean who asks you to neutralize the leaders of the three factions occupying the city of Atlantis, in order to get access to the Temple of Poseidon.
  12. Defeat these three bosses along the road:
  13. The seal of the Temple of Poseidon is now open. Defeat the boss Tiamat in the temple.
  14. At the exit of the temple, talk to Acrocatus there. Proceed along the road after the scene.
  15. Defeat the boss Lyktos - Telkine and then Omega Telkine at the end of the road.
  16. Talk to Acrocatus and then return to Mud Shoals through the portal.