The Battle for Elysium

The three Judges
Tiresias "in the flesh"
Odysseus creates a path for you

Main Quest (Act IV): Judgment of the Living > The Battle for Elysium > The Immortal Throne

In the previous chapter of the main story you have reached the Judges of souls. You learn much from them. The seers among the dead have foretold that only a mortal hero can bring victory in the war against Hades and save the realms of the dead and the living. You can be this hero, so the judges send you to the leader of the army of shades, King Agamemnon.

Outside the tower you finally get to meet Tiresias. This time it is not a projection but the real him. And he has got one final prophecy for you: You must take the fight to Hades himself. Nothing else will end this madness, and nobody else can even try accomplish this. Shades can only enter the palace with Hades' permission, so any attack by them would end as soon as he revokes that permission. The creatures under Hades' rule are equally powerless. He has created powerful magics, anchored in his palace, that force them to obey his commands.

You find King Agamemnon nearby and he, too, has news for you. His armies cannot even reach the palace, but Odysseus has managed to sneak past Hades' army and may have thought of a way to enter the palace. You carve a bloody path through the opposing army and join him.

Odysseus has already been waiting for you. He blows a hole into the palace wall to let you progress. No shade can enter the palace, so you must continue alone. Inside, the godess Persephone, wife of Hades, is imprisoned. She opposes her husband and will surely help you. Thus begins the next chapter of the main quest, The Immortal Throne.


  • Experience: 20k / 50k / 125k (normal / epic / legendary)
  • Health and Energy restored

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