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A Thane is a combination of the Storm and Warfare masteries.



Storm Mastery Skills

Numbers in brackets indicates required mastery level, indents indicates skill upgrades.
IceShard.png Ice Shard [1]

Warfare Mastery Skills

Points Skills
40 Slam.png LastingLegacy.png
32 Tumult.png Ardor.png AncestralHorn.png
24 CounterAttack.png Triumph.png Lacerate.png DoomHorn.png
16 CrossCut.png Hamstring.png
10 Hew.png CrushingBlow.png BattleStandard.png WarWind.png
4 DualWield.png DodgeAttack.png IgnorePain.png WarHorn.png
1 WeaponTraining.png BattleRage.png Onslaught.png
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