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Locations of the Terra Cotta Soldiers

Terra Cottas At Large is a Side Quest in the Orient (Act III), given by Wai Zhen, a deputy of the guard, near the western entrance of the City of Chang'an after you have accepted the side quest The Emperor's Clay Soldiers. He will tell you of many Terra Cotta Soldiers wrecking havoc in the city. However, the guards won't attack them as they are superstitious of getting cursed when attacking or killing the clay soldiers.

You will have to find and defeat six groups of Terra Cotta Soldiers in order to complete the quest (their locations are marked in the picture on the right). They are identified by their purple names and usually found in areas behind those large wooden gates. When you have successfully cleared an area, guards will move in.

Note: To the north-west you'll find a bridge leading to the Chang'an Palace - the Terra Cottas beyond the bridge are not part of this quest (however, that other side quest, The Emperor's Clay Soldiers, is completed in the palace).

When you have defeated all Terra Cotta Soldiers you receive an update. Return to Wai Zhen to get the reward and to complete this quest.


  • Experience: 26k / 60k / 180k (normal / epic / legendary)
  • random Magical Weapon

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