Spirit Mastery Skill Tree

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This template resolves to a table (in desktop environment) or a bullet list (in mobile environment) containing all the skills from Spirit Mastery.


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{{Spirit Mastery Skill Tree}} (desktop)
Points Skills
40 SkillBarTop.png SoulDrain.png SoulVortex.png
32 DeathWard.png SummonOutsider.png SkillBarMiddle.png SkillBarTop.png ArcaneBlast.png
24 SkillBarMiddle.png SkillBarTop.png UnearthlyPower.png SkillBarConnector.png WraithShell.png CircleOfPower.png
16 SkillBarTop.png ArcaneLore.png SkillBarTop.png Necrosis.png SkillBarMiddle.png EnslaveSpirit.png SkillBarMiddle.png SkillBarConnector.png DeathNova.png
10 SkillBarMiddle.png SkillBarMiddle.png SkillBarConnector.png Cascade.png SkillBarBottom.png DarkCovenant.png SkillBarBottom.png SummonLicheKing.png SkillBarTop.png SpiritBane.png
4 SkillBarBottom.png TernionAttack.png SkillBarConnector.png RavagesOfTime.png SkillBarMiddle.png VisionOfDeath.png SkillBarBottom.png SpiritWard.png
1 SkillBarBottom.png DeathchillAura.png SkillBarBottom.png LifeDrain.png
{{Spirit Mastery Skill Tree}} (mobile) Template:Spirit Mastery Skill Tree/mobile

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